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galerie judith andreae — exhibition identity
The Gallery Judith Andrea in Bonn, Germany hosted the exhibition project’ Незридані сльози | Ungeborene Tränen', featuring works by six young Ukrainian artists: Julia Beliaeva, Volo Bevza, Sasha Kurmaz, Victoria Pidust, Elena Subach, and Mensch Marta. This was the first time these artists had come together to showcase their diverse and thought-provoking works, which explore themes of self, homeland, and history through both analogue and digital mediums. The exhibition's title, 'Незридані сльози | Ungeborene Tränen', meaning 'unborn tears', was inspired by the Ukrainian avant-garde writer Pavlo Tychyna (1891-1967).

To visually represent the exhibition's themes, we developed a main visual identity featuring a metaphorical floating tear in the colors of the Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow). This visual was presented in two versions: light and inverted dark, reflecting the duality of the Ukrainian experience - hope and faith in the nation, but also trauma.