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archive projects
selection of visual identities and posters we were commissioned to design for events, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, movie screenings, etc.
posters design
our concept for collaboration with Adidas, creation of fancy dish set with three stripes and its visual promo presentation.
adidas concept
telegraf design magazine interviewed us for the printing issue of the magazine, featuring some of our projects and thought on otog studio’s specific creative practices. Also, there was a video interview with us, see here.
telegraf article
collaboration with fashion brand “zirochka ukraine”, where we developed their collection in virtual world.
digital fashion
Digital promo and concept for label accessories of the fashion brand “nebesite”
nebesite digital promo
"PUT UR EGO IN A BOX 1" is a thought-provoking multimedia project that delves into the concept of self-identity and the societal stereotypes that often shape and regulate our behavior in public spaces. Through a variety of mediums including accessories, prints, textiles, and video, we aim to inspire individuals to consider the authenticity of their own self-identification and to challenge the limiting stereotypes that may influence their actions and choices. By exploring these themes, we hope to facilitate a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others, leading to a more open and inclusive society.
"put ur ego in a box"
The PUT UR EGO IN A BOX streetwear collection is a collaboration between our studio and Support by Poustovit. It is designed for contemporary young people who are not constrained by traditional standards and who want to explore their place in the world, discover new ideas, and challenge the status quo in their daily lives. The collection's name, PUT UR EGO IN A BOX, serves as a call to action for individuals to reject cliché and embrace their authentic selves in their interactions with others. Through fashion, we can challenge the stereotypes that shape and regulate social behavior, and use it as a vehicle to discover and express our true identities. By doing so, we can set a trend for a more conscious and authentic lifestyle.

support by poustovit: Veronika goryanska, radislav useev, taras tarasov
otog studio
& support by poustovit
“Recycled Everything" is a virtual reality experience that takes the concept of recycling to a whole new level. By repurposing and transforming past projects into new objects and living organisms, this immersive environment offers a unique opportunity to explore complex contexts and alternative scenarios at all scales of life. Through interactive elements and manipulation of the laws of physics, the viewer is invited to engage with the virtual space in unexpected ways. Heavy objects become light, materials can be "glued" together to form new objects, and typography is recycled to create living organisms that interact with each other and the viewer.
"recycled everything"
psybüro hosted presentation and auction of young artists works, where we exhibited two of our art projects printed on glass and designed poster for the event.
otog studio & psybüro
The SMART RAINCOATS project is a collaborative collection of innovative raincoats developed in partnership with the Cultural Project team, an educational institution based in Kyiv. These innovative raincoats are designed to be two-sided, with intellectual secrets printed on select areas of the garment. These secrets include stories about Ai Weiwei and Philip Glass, as well as decorative elements reminiscent of bookmarks containing information. The SMART RAINCOATS collection combines fashion and education, providing a unique and engaging experience for the wearer.
otog studio & cultural project
We were invited by the UKHO music agency to create costumes for the premiere of LUCI MIE TRADITRICI, an opera by Salvatore Sciarrino, at the National Opera in Kyiv in 2018.

Our concept was inspired by Formula 1 racing suits, as the fast-paced and dramatic nature of the opera's love stories resembled a race. We incorporated reflective fabric into the designs to enhance this theme. To further personalize the costumes, we created unique prints for each character by extracting key phrases and sentiments from their dialogue and translating them into visual symbols and signs. The resulting designs were not only visually striking, but also conveyed the individual personalities and emotions of the characters.

scenography: Katya Libkind
photography: Zhenya Perutska
costumes design for opera